Bluetooth X6 Unit

The Bluetooth X6 unit is part of the Genesis System.  Designed to be small and fit in your bicep pocket.  The Bluetooth X6 is intended for use to connect to your cell phone or Bluetooth enabled two way radio.  The cable passthrough in the shoulders allow you to keep cable off of your body.  Carrying the cable from your headset through the shoulder passthrough to your bicep pocket and clipped into the Bluetooth X6 unit.  

Batterie life is 4 hours with only 30 minutes needed for a full charge.  The Bluetooth X6 can also be used as a music player.  Connect the unit to your cellphone and play music from your favorite music app or play music you have stored on your phone. 

Included with the Bluetooth X6 Unit

  • Bluetooth X6 unit
  • micro usb charging cable (ac/dc adapter note included
  • male to male 3.5mm jack
  • instruction manual