What Ginger Tactical offers for custom

 Jerseys/tops -Tops or “jerseys”  for you uncultured swine out there, are where Ginger Tactical is getting it’s launch into orbit. Think of a jersey as basically a cover for the top half of your body, where a top is a technical garment designed for a specific use in mind. In a top, you will get many different panels made to perform and function in different ways from different stretch directions to totally separate fabrics and cuts. Let's face it… your elbow doesn’t do the same work as your love handle. Why should they be dressed the same? These tops are not designed as a cookie cutter jersey where the only “custom” features are the spelling of your name or the poor math of a number.  

Do you want something special or custom? Well we can get you suited up. Below are crib notes on some of our custom capabilities.

Colors; Camos; Now we will admit, ALLmap© is the coolest camo on God’s earth. But, if you feel the need for a custom color, camo or pattern, then we can make that happen with a few caveats. Trademarked logos, graphics and some camouflage patterns are owned by third parties. If you have permission to use a specific logo or pattern, let us know and we will gladly accommodate. We can add team names, player call signs, ranks etc. to each top in various places. If you need tiger stripe or woodland with a sprinkling of unicorns and pizza slices, then we can make that happen.

Sizes; tall, wide; Let's face it… people are built in more than just 6 sizes. Why do most apparel companies force you to buy something sized for someone else? Each Genesis top is made to order and made to measure. When you place your order we will take all of your measurements so you get a garment made for you, not the next guy in line at the chrono. From girth, to arm length to overall height, we will make a top for you. Many players out there put up with tops that specifically have arms or chests that are not the correct size for the wearer. Or, have you ever considered that someone like a sniper who spends a lot of time crawling might need a different cut top than someone who spends more time playing on their knees or standing dumping a lot of paint at their unfortunate foe’s? Well, thru extensive testing, we have taken all of this into consideration. If you are built like ant man, or like king kong, we can still make a top for you, there just might be a slight additional custom fee.

Seasonal options; How about different seasons? Do you live on planet earth where there are at least some small variations in temperature? Lets face it, some places on this rock we all call home see some pretty crazy changes in temp from one season to the next, or from one time of day to the next. Ginger Dynamics offers tops for most every season. Yep, when it is 110’ outside or if it is snowing, why would you want to be forced to wear the same top? For those extremes, we have our short sleeve and our winter option, with more to come. The short sleeve option has…. 2/3 tactical sleeves for additional freedom of movement and venting. Whereas the winter Shinobi models (coolest name ever by the way) are made from the ground up with the extreme cold temps in mind. Ever wanted to play in the snow, well the Shinobi Genesis top will get you there with a tactical fleece inner layer as part of the actual top, you will be warm and comfy, with no additional layers or garments to buy.

Patches; Who doesn’t like patches? We proudly now offer custom Velcro patches. These patches are made to compliment your Genesis top and most any gear that has velcro loop (the soft part) panels. These patches are designed and made in house, so the same unicorn and pizza slices that are on your top can be put on a patch. Or if you have a nickname, rank, team name or mission award you want exchangeable and removable or even a catchy phrase or tribute…patches are the way to go. All patches are made with a durable poly base and sublimated graphic panel so there is no fraying like with traditional embroidered patches.

Ghillie top; The Ghillie Top (patent pending) is the tactical/woodsball/sniper/camo accessory you didn’t know you needed. Ever seen an opposing player by the outline of their upper torso before you really saw anything else? Well, that is the eye’s natural ability to look for familiar shapes. This accessory is great for any style of play…whether you are crawling and taking hours to stalk your pretty or you are doing a quick creep to flank that opponent. The Ghillie top takes everything rad about a full on sniper suit and parses it down to be used in everyday play without the high price tag and craziness. The Ghillie top is a lightweight hooded upper torso cover that takes your concealment to the next level. Available in your favorite AllMap patterns for now and designed to work in concert with and stay secured to your Genesis top for worry free concealment.

Hopper covers; Hopper/Loader covers are where we got our fame. Well, that and our God given amazing Ginger looks. The Loader covers originated with the Ginger Dynamics line and are the most underrated accessories for your paintball marker available today. Most players get shot in their face or loader. So, why have a sick custom marker with a loader that is one of three colors from the factory? Why wouldn’t you protect that $200 loader with a $40 cover? Easy questions, right? All of the loader covers, including the flagship Omni Cover can be customized with your own graphics and patterns. We have loader covers for most ANY loader on the market. The Omni cover will fit most any modern high end loader, see this link (Omni Cover), we also have specific covers for the Revvy line of loaders as well as smaller pump style hoppers, with more always in the works. One off custom units are available for an added cost and as always, custom team orders are always available.

Price breaks for teams or organizations;

If you have a team or organization of ten or more items please contact us. We have packages and options to suit every type of team, club or cult. We don’t judge, and we take just about anything in payment.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.  Fill out this form with any questions you have. 

-The Ginger Team-