Your Ginger Dynamics Genesis top is an awesome high end item. We take pride in the design and construction of every one of our items. So, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on every Genesis top we make. This means you can use your Genesis top in the manner it was intended without worrying about how your play will affect the item. These items were designed for a strenuous game and as such, things may happen, zippers do break from time to time and sometimes stitching does blow out. If you have an issue in the time you own the garment please contact us. You may be on the hook to get your item to us, but we will handle it from there. If the issue is within the spectrum of the warranty we will repair or replace it and ship it back at no additional cost to you. If you fought a bear and got a few rips in the fabric, never fear, we can still repair your top but we will send the bill to your hospital bed as this was radical, but unfortunately not the intended usage.

The Fine Print;

Genesis tops are warrantied against damage pertaining to materials or workmanship for the lifetime of ownership by the original purchaser. (This is due to the “Made to Order” and “Custom” nature of the garment). This warranty specifically covers but is not limited to; fabric panels both technical and decorative, stitching in both decorative and high impact areas as well as functional components such as zippers, buttons and straps.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty DOES NOT cover items not manufactured by Ginger Tactical/Ginger Dynamics. These items include but are not limited to; communicators, electronic wires or cables, or other components added on that are not an integral part of the garment in question. Ancillary items supplied by Ginger Dynamics/Ginger Tactical are covered by a 90 day or 1-year limited warranty.

Damage not covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty includes but is not limited to; use other than the item was intended for, improper care, washing or cleaning (please see care instructions included with every item or item specifics available in our item library at (       ), use of accessories or components not supplied by or approved by Ginger Tactical/Ginger Dynamics, Acts of God, Loss, Theft or general over the top shenanigans.

Approval of a warranty repair or replacement is at the sole discretion of Ginger Tactical/Ginger Dynamics management. Any items sent in for repair or replacement without first obtaining approval and a return authorization number may be subject to the item being returned at cost to the user or disposal of the item without repair or replacement.

All warranty claims must be made with Ginger Tactical/Ginger Dynamics directly at A proof of purchase, item serial number or proof of ownership must be presented for a warranty claim to be honored. All inbound shipping for warranty support will be the product owner’s responsibility, and all return shipping will be covered by Ginger Tactical/Ginger Dynamics. All return shipping will be made via the most economical method and will be sent with tracking and insurance. Additional or Expedited shipping may be obtained at additional cost to the item owner.

Please see the “Warranty Claim” form available at (      ) for the process to obtain a warranty repair.