Short Sleeve Genesis System

Color: ALLmap


Introducing a new take on combat shirts.  The Genesis system has been developed for long haul paintball games.  Built with woven stretch and warp knit fabrics to allow for full range of motion while maintaining strength and lightweight in one package.  Polyester Spandex mesh panels help to keep the user cool while allowing full range of movement even when body armor is worn.  Included Assault Ghillie converts the Genesis top to have more concealment.  Bluetooth module in sleeve bicep pocket for hands free communication.  Also included is a Ginger Tactical logo patch and Gflauge for even more added concealment.

We believe you have the right to bare arms.  Now available in a short sleeve version.  Proudly show off that Hello Kitty tattoo.  Cut as a short sleeve shirt with all the bells and whistles.  No more rolling up the sleeves.  We've done that for you.


Spec Sheet






Included items
  • Oversize bicep pockets with locking zippers.  
  • Large 6 inch by 4 inch DuraGrip loop panel on bicep pocket.  
  • Internal cable routing channels to pass cables from opening in bicep pocket to collar.
  • Bluetooth module stored in the bicep pocket for cell phone or two way radio connection to keep cables limited across the body.
  • Ghillie top to add more concealment.
  • Matching Gflauge to help further break up your profile.
  • Raised collar to help keep slings and sun off of your neck.  
  • UPF 50+ protects against UV light from the sun.
  • Epaulet strips added for use with slings and chest rigs.  Helps with the longevity of your Genesis top.
  • Upper body and sleeves use warp knit Grid HD fabric to hold up against tough terrain with minimal weight.
  • Lower body uses Grid ST water resistant fabric.  It is a lightweight flexible fabric. 
  • Split hem waist to help when worn tucked into pants or slung over the waist pack.
  • Special Unicorn fibers run throughout the shirt to keep you quick and agile on the dance floor.  Wow all the kids at the winter formal. 
  • All fabrics are polyester blends to allow for most other camouflage patterns, or your own, to be made on the Genesis tops.
  • Ginger Tactical logo patch.
  • Tall sizes add 2 inches to the body.
  • Made with domestic and imported products.  No Unicorns were hurt during the construction of the Genesis system.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America.


size chart

Body: Measure from the bottom of your shirt collar to the bottom of the shirt

Chest: Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest.

Arm length: Bend your elbow 90 degrees and place your hand on your hip. Hold the tape at the bottom of your shirt collar. Measure over your shoulder to your elbow and down to your wrist. The total length is your sleeve length.

Tall Sizes [T]: Add 2 inches [5.08cm] to sleeve and body.

 size graphic

With over three decades of combined experience in the paintball industry, we have designed, worn, dissected, and obsessed over camouflage. For our newest creation, we researched, designed, tested, redesigned, and finally developed a pattern that works in nearly all environments. ALLmap© was created with a new take on profile breakup and is the latest creation borne of our obsession. If they could see you they would agree that you look incredibly tactical.

  • ALLmap© Prime The original.  Suitable for most terrains, in multiple areas of the US, complements other modern camouflages on the market.

ALLmap Prime

  • SoCal Best used in arid environs, with low foliage, and rock heavy terrains.  We also found that it is well suited to paintball stained white bunkers, blending you right into your cover. 


  • Woodland With colors pulled directly from the 1980s US Army camouflage, it was tested in the Pacific Northwest and is a darker option for when you are in more dense vegetation.


  • Nightgames The name says it all.  The human eye will still find color in the dark conditions, so we used black, grays, and dark blues to blend you into your environment.


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Developed in San Diego


Designed, printed, cut, sewn and tested right here in the United States of America. We take pride in making homemade goods.