Assault Ghillie Top


The Assault Ghillie is a proprietary attachment for the Genesis Tops.  It is included with all Genesis systems.

The Assault Ghillie (patent pending) is the tactical/woodsball/sniper/camo accessory you didn’t know you needed.  Ever seen an opposing player by the outline of their upper torso before you really saw anything else?  Well, that is the eye’s natural ability to look for familiar shapes.  This accessory is great for any style of play…whether you are crawling and taking hours to stalk your prey or you are doing a quick creep to flank that opponent.  The Assault Ghillie takes everything rad about a full on sniper suit and parses it down to be used in everyday play without the high price tag and craziness.  The Assault Ghillie is a lightweight hooded upper torso cover that takes your concealment to the next level.  Available in your favorite Allmap© patterns and designed to work in concert with and stay secured to your Genesis top for worry free concealment.

    • Open hole mesh to keep heat down
    • Double sided printed fabric to allow for a lightweight garment
    • Hood to help with concealment.  
    • Loop panels added to attach to hook panels on Genesis Top

    With over three decades of combined experience in the paintball industry, we have designed, worn, dissected, and obsessed over camouflage. For our newest creation, we researched, designed, tested, redesigned, and finally developed a pattern that works in nearly all environments. ALLmap© was created with a new take on profile breakup and is the latest creation borne of our obsession. If they could see you they would agree that you look incredibly tactical.

    • ALLmap© Prime The original.  Suitable for most terrains, in multiple areas of the US, complements other modern camouflages on the market.

    ALLmap Prime

    • SoCal Best used in arid environs, with low foliage, and rock heavy terrains.  We also found that it is well suited to paintball stained white bunkers, blending you right into your cover. 


    • Woodland With colors pulled directly from the 1980s US Army camouflage, it was tested in the Pacific Northwest and is a darker option for when you are in more dense vegetation.


    • Nightgames The name says it all.  The human eye will still find color in the dark conditions, so we used black, grays, and dark blues to blend you into your environment.


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